Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 1st Anniversary..

This coming Sunday,our 1st Anniversary!

Since this Sunday I'm still at Pangkor Island,I'm gonna wish my hubby..

"Happy 1st Anniversary Sayang!
I pray that we will walk together hand in hand for many many more years, in BAD n GOOD times.Thank You for everything especially for ur ENDLESS LOVE..Everlasting Luv!
I'm very thankful that i'm married to my perfect opposite who has everything that i'm lacked of..I'm trying my very best to be a perfect wife...

I can't beleve it.It's been a year since hubby n i got married.The 23 of November last year seemed like it was just a few monts ago..
No matter how far we are,we will celebrate it together..

P.A.N.G.K.O.R - P.A.R.I.S

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